Continued Centering Logs

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

I couldn’t find some of my logs from a few weeks back, so I’ve done more centering this week to compensate for it. Hopefully it counts.  Apologies for getting this up so late!!

Week 10

Week 11
4/2, 3:00 am, calm but not happy- difficulty in accepting what’s happened
4/2, 4:30 pm, trying to focus but it’s not happening
4/4, 4:30 pm, somewhat alright – things will be fine
4/5, 11:20 am, focused only on me and nothing else; a good escape
4/7, 2:00 am, worried and uncomfortable

Week 12
4/10, 3:20 pm, not very centered – too mindful of the events coming up
4/11, 4:20 pm, brief escape – still bothered
4/12, 5:30 pm, tired and needing more to just relax
4/13, 4:30 pm, still too mindful of things to come in the evening
4/14 , 11:15 am, finally felt calm despite all that’s happening

Week 13
4/17, 8:20 pm, finally done! much more at ease
4/18, 4:25 pm, somewhat at ease – still picking up more than 1 bowling ball
4/20, 4:30 pm, physically not centered.. did not feel comfortable
4/21, 11:15 am,  able to carry the breath throughout the body
4/23, 7:00 pm, exhausted and knocked out

Week 14
4/25, 4:20 pm, feeling really good!!
4/26, 12:40 pm, mind not clear, but not troubled
4/27, 4:20 pm, very comfortable and calm
4/28, 11:50 am, distant and separated from all else as if by myself
4/29, 5:00 am,  going completely crazy, mind not focused

RRR Week
4/30, 5:00 pm, it’s done! just feeling really happy
5/1, 11:10 pm, feeling rested and clear headed
5/2, 2:00 pm, still sleepy but not unsettled
5/3, 6:00 pm, antsy and unguided
5/4, 12:00 pm, breath not going throughout body, sick and upset


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