EC: Surplus Pleasure

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

At the conclusion of our centering today, we were asked to think of what brought us joy.  Immediately, the image of a night sky filled with fireworks and Disneyland’s castle entered my vision.  The image would expand to include my family by my side as we just enjoyed time together.

Obviously, I would never give up my family.  No matter how much some material item or experience may bring me joy, it’s the love of family and being with them that’s most important in my life.  So I guess, by default – my trips to Disneyland would be something I’d have to consider giving up.  In what way would this help?  Disneyland has always been a personal escape for me from the real world, when I just need to have a mental break from everything.  There are other avenues in pursuing this, though, and much cheaper by comparison.  The money that my family and I would allocate towards trips to the theme park could easily be used to support groups with a fulfilling mission.  It’s just a matter of setting aside personal desires and really observing what may require more attention.  A trip to Disneyland provides that quick relief and joy, but the money and effort that could be used in a project that would see long-term effects is no doubt better for others but myself as well.


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